Consider it done.

Before you start doing something, you must know what exactly is being done and move quickly from the idea to completion. Montreco  is always prepared to think for you in order to ensure that the best solutions are found for all of your ideas. We always approach the requests of our clients personally, focus on the quality of construction and adhere to deadlines.

Check out our previous works and contact us – we complete small-scale construction works as well as major, complicated and innovative projects.

Laki 24 Hostel at Laki 24 is one of the developments that makes us particularly proud. Namely, an office building was located at this address not long ago  and our task was to convert it into a hostel. The area of the building that was fully reconstructed is approximately 2.5 thousand square metres. Now, it houses the Laava Apartments/Hostel, where people can rent small studio apartments. Thanks to us, the residents can enjoy living in a modern, beautiful and comfortable building.

  • Location: Tallinn
  • Year: 2019